What not to do with toddlers?

Here are some things to avoid doing with toddlers:

  • Neglecting supervision: Toddlers require close supervision at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Overlooking their emotional needs: Toddlers are still learning how to manage their emotions and need guidance and support from caregivers.
  • Using physical punishment: Physical punishment can be harmful to a child’s emotional and physical well-being and can lead to aggression and behavior problems.
  • Overstimulating them: Too much noise, activity, or stimulation can overwhelm and overstimulate toddlers, leading to tantrums and meltdowns.
  • Ignoring their sleep needs: Toddlers need plenty of restful sleep for their physical and mental development.
  • Exposing them to inappropriate content: Caregivers should monitor what their toddlers are exposed to, including media and online content, to ensure that it is age-appropriate and safe.
  • Forcing them to do things: Forcing a toddler to do something can be counterproductive and lead to resistance and defiance.
  • Criticizing or shaming them: Criticizing or shaming a toddler can damage their self-esteem and lead to negative behaviors and attitudes.
  • Using baby talk: While caregivers may naturally use baby talk with toddlers, it’s important to also use proper language and vocabulary to support their language development.
  • Dismissing their feelings: Toddlers may have big emotions that can seem insignificant to adults, but it’s important to acknowledge and validate their feelings to build trust and a positive relationship.

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