What activities keep toddlers busy?

There are many activities that can keep toddlers busy and entertained, such as:

  • Playing with sensory bins or tactile materials like play dough, kinetic sand, or water beads.
  • Painting with washable finger paints or watercolors.
  • Building with blocks or stacking cups.
  • Reading books or listening to stories.
  • Playing with puzzles or shape sorters.
  • Singing and dancing to music.
  • Pretend play with toy kitchen sets, doctor kits, or dress-up clothes.
  • Playing with balls or other outdoor toys.
  • Engaging in simple science experiments, such as mixing baking soda and vinegar.
  • Participating in sensory activities like blowing bubbles or playing with foam.

Remember to always supervise your toddler during these activities and choose age-appropriate materials to ensure their safety.

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