How do I entertain my toddler without screen time?

There are many ways to entertain a toddler without screen time. Here are a few ideas:

  • Read books together: Choose age-appropriate books with colorful illustrations and interesting stories.
  • Play with toys: Provide a variety of toys, such as blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, and cars, for your child to play with. You can also rotate the toys to keep things interesting.
  • Go outside: Take your child outside to play in the backyard, go for a walk, or visit a nearby park. Outdoor play can help with gross motor development and sensory exploration.
  • Engage in imaginative play: Encourage your child to use their imagination and play pretend. Provide props, such as dress-up clothes, toy food, and dolls or action figures.
  • Make art: Provide paper, crayons, paint, and other art supplies for your child to create their own masterpieces. You can also try making collages, doing finger painting, or making playdough together.
  • Listen to music: Play music and dance with your child. You can also provide instruments, such as drums or shakers, for your child to play along.
  • Cook together: Involve your child in cooking and baking activities, such as mixing ingredients or decorating cookies.

Remember, toddlers have short attention spans, so it’s important to switch up activities frequently and follow their lead to keep them engaged and entertained.

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